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Privacy & Policy

Privacy & Policy

Azam Trading is committed to providing a safe and secure platform for our users. Our site ( is structured and designed to make navigation easy and safe for everyone. This is why we place a top priority on Personally Identifiable Information of every user on

Azam Trading encourages users to read about Privacy Policy before using any part of our website. We may request your name, email address, portable number, platinum, or Visa number for business purposes. Azam Trading assures every user that all information collected and collated will not be revealed to an unauthorized third party.

The collated data are used to provide the best service and experience to our users. Every user has the right to or not to provide the information. If a user chooses not to provide the required data, such user may or may not be used certain features or services on Azam Trading. Our website utilizes a data protection strategy that ensures that every data requested while a user is enrolling on this site is kept safe and incomprehensible to unauthorized parties.

After registration, Azam Trading may or may not request any further information from the user, depending on your operation on our website. Upon submitting a request, we utilize your provided information – and/or request for additional details – to open a help ticket for you. The extra detail may be entered as part of your data on Azam Trading.


Use of Data

By accepting to sign up with Azam Trading, you acknowledge that we may request your information. Presently, most online users find it challenging to download applications, pamphlets, study correspondence, or surf the site. To make the experience less challenging, we collect user data to customers their experience.

Furthermore, it gives Azam Trading an insight into what you are likely to be looking for and what might interest you. In other words, information help fixes our site to give you the best user experience possible. More importantly, you’ll be able to exchange, transact or process your order swiftly. Also, Azam Trading may get data from the audits, administration, and evaluations offered to you. This helps improve our performance and website’s quality.


Azam Trading examines the consistency of user’s security opening and checks for vulnerabilities. In this way, it helps improve the security awareness of our platform. We also perform malware checking.

Before a user successfully signs up on, every data provided passes through our security protocols to ensure that you are compliant with the rules and regulations. Also, it helps protect the privileges, properties, and user experience of other guests on the platform. Azam Trading reassure every guest that all data are secured and protected against cyberattacks. Azam Trading never shares data with a third party without prior approval from you.

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